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Rose R.
San Marcos, Tx

This gentleman was very nice worked on me while I was pregnant and worked on my newborn. After that he worked on my special needs son. Of everything I was impressed with how he treated my son and my son actually enjoyed the chiropractic care. He frequently asks to go back. .


Genn H.
San Antonio, Tx.
I have always been very skeptical of chiropractors.    After having a not so good experience previously, I put off going again much too long.  Dr. Gregersen fixed my wife's neck several years ago so I decided to chance it despite my misgivings.

He is very thorough with his initial evaluation, never had one like this before.    .

Mine has gone on long enough that it will take more time than I have to get it done all the way.    Hver I have gotten relief and am much better than I was previously.    Unfortunately my insurance will no longer cover me without much out of pocket expense or I would continue.   

He is very genuine and down to earth and very friendly and most of all truthful.

Edison B.
New Braunfels, Tx

Dr,Beua is an awesome adjuster

Scott E.
New Braunfels, Tx
Dr. Gregersen is very professional and friendly. He has helped my whole family with chiropractic services. I would highly recommend....definetely helped improve our quality of life. Thanks !

Sunny C.
San Marcos, Tx
Dr. Gregersen is a great chiropractor, really made a difference!! Easy to find the new office, it's right next to Kohls. I messed up my back falling...felt like a pinched nerve, couldn't sit down or stand up without excrutiating pain. The doctor gave me a painless exam basically pinpointing all the areas in my upper back and lower back that caused me pain. The Dr went over all the xrays and showed my how my spine was out of alignment. He adjusted my back (and it did not hurt!). I had two more adjustments since the first one, and had great improvement after each one. I stayed on ice (on/off) during my recovery and really didn't get out of bed for 3 days. Now my back is sore from the fall, but no more excrutiating pain. I will go to this chiropractor any time my back or any joints hurt. He's very thorough and explains everything before he does it (no surprises). I really appreciate that quality in a doctor. I also like the fact that it is a quiet office, and the doctor saw me exactly on schedule so I didn't have to sit (in pain) in the waiting room! I would recommend him to anyone. I got an appointment the same day I called. I explained that I was in extreme pain, and they saw me towards the end of the day. That was really appreciated too. (I called a couple of other doctors in New Braunfels and they both told me they would see me in 3 days or a week! That's not reasonable for someone in terrible pain!)